Beauty’s In The Eyes Of the Beholder

She aint need looks to get you to notice,

matter fact you aint even need to look she just spoke and you turned,

Eyes on hers you aint even look at her body ,

Took a peak at her lips but that’s cause you were surprised at what came out her mouth,

was surprised that a gentle smile could look at you and tell your heart hello.

I Need A Blanket For This

What you know about a cool love?

i know it breathes life into my lungs without inhaling my words and spitting em back in my face,

It’s so chill i get goosebumps when he get in my space,

All them folks got cold when I spoke of what I want in the place

He just gave me a sly smile cause only cool folks know when to love and when take.

Beauty In Coco’s Eyes

She casts spells with her eyes and heart,

She knows what beauty looks like because as soon as she stares she finds the most prettiest things even if they’re deep in the dark,

The things you hold on to she knows why you do so and she loves you for it even if those reasons are not as good in the hearts of others,

she knows you’re protecting what you’ve always known and if you’ve always known hurt or pain and want to stay attached she understands how loyal you are, how loving you are to your past, how dedicated you are to keeping what’s most dear to you in your eyes and for that she understands you know how to love.

The Color Of Art

They hid blood under her pillow on visitng nights,

12 am

the time they set foot on the door step walking in the home of security, steering closer and closer towards their room

They had her sleeping on top of screaming voices from the past,

staining sentences of desire with a slick of the tongue tasting what they thought was sweet lines but were bitter secrets to be exact

In sheets with long nights that felt good.

She didn’t know the eyes that looked into her decievs,

they show these dreams

for in this lonely is, in heart, pure but it’s not what they need,

or want

Brown illusions stare watching while in a daydream, they thinking they want this life but at the same be asking if it’s right.

Be trying to convince that there’s a light waiting in turn to get them loving

but this love aint nothing but cravings

Most attention of got you thinking this is true.

She got you thinking this is true

He got you thinking this is true

They got you thinking this is true

But while you thinking

there’s a piece of you that wants this forever,

pieces scattered got you wondering if you put em back together just for you.

Resuscitate pt. 2

On one’s own

The lonely doesn’t sting anymore

There were once uses for human interactions

but as the days move on those voices never seemed to mend the brokenness that stuck glued to my chest.

A mess I felt more when their heavily noise disrupted the sound in the air.

The best sound, they interrupted, was the quiet

That quiet meant more to me than those words of none comfort

I’m humble more as I let go of wanting notice or help

I help myself when I can breathe and feel open with just myself.

A Love That Needs Time

You’re a new kind of feel where smiles tug at a house keeping the door cracked

and, I’m not saying just rush in and stay but maybe take a peek in.

Check on the solitude and maybe comeover occasionally.

It gets lonely here sometimes and the company is well needed.

Lately I’ve made an effort to move forward and do what I have to do but I do want a soul to linger with mines but my eyes might can’t take it considering I don’t believe everything I see and my ears may go deaf towards words so dear.

I hear what you are saying and I take it in.

I just stay clear of anything that may hurt me.

I’m near.

Not sure if you can tell.

I’m just hiding trying to gather myself together to be everything.

But I think that’s why I’m scared.

So much pressure.

I might just need to close the door and lock it so someone else won’t come in behind.

Loneliness at its finest.

You’re a new kind of sound.

Laughs sounding like a joyous choir on its way to regain happiness.

Your going towards a different kind of sadness though and I don’t want to break the harmony of your bliss due to my flip ways I flop when I undergo the pain past rings on me.

I just don’t wanna fall and crash again.

When You’re Paranoid Just….

Knocks at the front takes the mind off the distance and back to reality

The worrying tries to stay so long and it likes to eat.

With teeth it tries to chew and consume the mind up.

But just breath slowly.

Eyes closed will help.


Take this mental journey in for a second.

Take your time with yourself.

Hand in hand.

Mind closed like lips when you can’t say nothing.

And breath

Everything is not always what your mind says it is.